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    Creation of a mega-art installation together with a program that artistically unites people with the environment and Austria. & Nbsp; An art event was organized together with other artists and participants of the region.
    Paintings, sculptures, videos, disco effects, acting, cinema, installation, scenes, sound and visual (world) installations transform the halls in the art world, telling the stories of small and big life in the modern and yesterday's world since the existence of myths and ideas people and countries. Thus, the panopticon encourages communication between people and develops the idea of joint celebration.

    Gerhard Frescher's work attracts attention, first of all, by the coexistence of many things, equivalent synchronicity, integration of presumed incompatible elements. Space and time do not require the formation of a single unit, there is a clear deviation from the usual linear thinking, which requires the viewer to think differently, because the usual way of thinking and chronology are violated and doubted.

  • Max Piva 07.12.2017

    In winter 2017, Eurogold under the patronage of Ms. Hermine Poppeller, Austrian Ambassador in Ukraine staged an impressive, exhibition of the highly original and imaginative artist Max Piva. The exhibition was curated by Mario Codognato, former chief curator of the 21er Haus in Vienna and ex-director of the Madre museum in Naples. Like previous years we were impressed by an open speech of Roman Grabner, who provided us with a fresh insight into Max’s oeuvre. The exhibition under the title “BORDERS - FROM ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW (PERSPECTIVE)”provided a unique opportunity to view the majority of Max’s works for the first time in Ukraine. In his works Max Piva considers the idea of the border not just as a geographical location or a political entity, but rather as a definition of human perception together with its own limitations. Any artist works constantly in some way on a borderline, but he is also the only one to define the boundaries of his art. He alone decides whether to cross or not a real or imaginary frontier. Piva's new works emphasize an interdisciplinary aspect while, at the same time they are, consciously, leading to their own limitations. Paintings become objects or, on the contrary, with the use of photography for example, objects become a work of art. The different working techniques are only means to an end and therefore not an independent method.

  • Zhytomyr Student Film Festival ZHUKFEST 24.04.2017

    Erich Grolitsch, founder of Eurogold Industries, has always supported young artists. His sons Nils and Tobias, carrying on this good tradition, gladly became official sponsors of III student film festival ZhUK. The theme of this year's contest was “My Family – is My Force!”. All the participants were extremely serious about explaining this thesis in their works. They touched upon complicated issues of family relations and suggested their ideas for their settlement. Even having 11 nominations it was hard to choose the best out of 60 films and reward each team as they deserved. During final of the competition Olena Grolitsch on behalf of Eurogold Industries made special mention of all the contestants' efforts and thanked organizers of this competition, because the contest was carried out on the highest level and judging by winners' emotions and feedback of the audience this event was important for students. Telling the story of Eurogold's success Olena demonstrated youth that self-confidence and belief in one’s dreams and country helps to achieve great results. Olena using the example of the Grolitsch family showed how important support of the family is in business. We hope that film festival ZhUK will go on, giving talented youth a possibility to make themselves known. Eurogold Industries in its turn will support festival and similar projects.

  • Niko Sturm 03.11.2016

    Niko Sturm decided to name its exhibition at the M17 Center for Contemporary Art in Kyiv "Chernozem" as the international term chernozem, also known as "black gold of Ukraine". The artist visited the Eurogold factory, inspired by what he saw there, decided to create an exhibition with reference to the soil of the country, which is so rich in humus that it is black. He not only metaphorically translates the color and structure of this land into a picture, but in fact pours, throws and carefully attaches black earth to the canvas, because this porous artist brought Ukrainian chernozem from Zhytomyr to Austria. The land of the country becomes the basis for his exhibition and the surface of his paintings. He reflects on the concepts inherent in painting - surface structures, haptic material, color effects and compositional criteria - and reflects on the material of the painting itself: paint.


    Nico Sturm, born in 1973, lives and works in Carinthia, Vienna and Berlin. Exhibitions since 1996 in Kyrgyzstan, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Berlin, Vienna and Feldbach.

  • Johanes Zechner and Ronald Zechner 17.10.2015

    Johanes Zechner (born 1953) is currently working on a new cycle of flags (ongoing work series since 1996), inspired by the national Ukrainian blue- yellow coloured flag. As a content there will be text from the Encyclopcedla Britannica about the Ukraine. Large scaled type faces will be confronted with photo collages, made out of paper shavings from Ukrainian daily newspapers. The photograph's reality interfers with the objective and collective knowledge about the country, collected in the english encyclopedia.

    Ronald Zechner (born 1972)will be working on an environmental installation about the past and the present situation in the Ukraine. The initial point of his thoughts is the famous revolution movie Panzerkreuzer Battleship Potemkin by Sergej Eisenstein (1925). Ronald Zechner wants to work on a documentation of found objects, dealing with a parallel situation between Ukraine and the rest of the world. The Russian heritage, the military past and the contested present of the country will be artistically researched.

  • Hans Sisa 23.10.2014

    The family Grolitsch has met Hans Sisa and his amazing wife, Sophia Larson, just a few years ago. Hans is an Austrian painter, sculptor and opera singer. For a long time, he has been working as an opera bassist as well as a painter. Since the turn of the millennium, the work as an artist has been the focus. Sophia is one of the "exceptional sopranos" who won the world's stage with not only such well-known repertoire as Turandot. But she also sang an interesting difficult repertoire like Renata in the "Fiery Angel", Maria in "Maria d Àlessandria" of Ghedini, Katjuscha in Alfanos "Risurrezione" and many, many others.

    Hans and Sophia are the initiators of the painter's festival at the castle Reichenstein in Upper Austria. Sophia Larson also works as a curator for various galleries, organizing numerous exhibitions, participating in art fairs and charity events.

    Nils Grolitsch invited Hans Sisa to Ukraine to introduce the history, culture and people of the country. Later this trip reflected in artist's masterpieces. In 2014 Eurogold Industries organised Sisa's solo exhibition in Kyiv to introduce the artist to Ukraine. The author and his wife were present at the event.


    Born in 1948 in Linz, Austria – lives and works in Munich and Lower Austria

    1968-1976 studied at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, Master’s Degree in Arts (Painting, Stage Design, Singing/Opera Performance)

    International exhibitions since 1976, Freelance artist since 1990

    Residencies in Italy, France, Switzerland, USA, Teheran, London, Russia, Sweden, China

    Founder of the MALERFEST, Festival of Painting at Burg Reichenstein, Upper Austria 1997/2000/2003/2006/2009/2013

  • Wolfgang Walkensteiner 01.10.2013

    Wolfgang Walkensteiner is an old friend of the Grolitsch family. Erich Grolitsch was one of the first to appreciate and to support the young talent. Over the time Wolfgang had become a welcome visitor at Grolitsch's house. In 2013 Erich's sons Nils and Tobias invited an artist to Ukraine. It was in winter and Wolfgang was a witness of an old Christian tradition of ice hole diving. This inspired him to create a series of pictures, which he called "A Foreign Body". This collection was exhibited later that year at Eurogold's 10th anniversary in Zhytomyr. In October 2013 Nils and Tobias organised Walkensteiner's personal exhibition in the Center of Contemporary Art M 17, Kyiv.

    Wolfgang Walkensteiner is an Austrian painter. He was born in 1949 in Klagenfurt. From 1967 to 1968 he studied architecture with Norbert Schlesinger at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna, 1968 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna with Max Weiler. In 1974 he received the Austrian State Fellowship for Fine Arts.

    Since 1972, Walkensteiner has been a member of the Kunstverein Kärnten, since 1994 a member of the society of visual artists in Vienna. From 2000 to 2002 he was a Cultural Adviser for the Fine Arts of the Land of Carinthia. From 2000 to 2009 Vice-President of the Kunstverein Kärnten.

    Walkensteiner lives and works in Vienna.

    Personal exhibitions

    2017 Galerie Frewein-Kasakbaev, Vienna
    Palais des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles, BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium
    2015 MMKK Museum moderner Kunst Kärnten, Klagenfurt
    2013 Center of Contemporary Art M 17, Kyiv, Ukraine
    Kunsthalle Eurogold, Zhytomyr, Ukraine
    2009 Robert-Musil-Literatur-Museum, Klagenfurt
    Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna
    2007 "Embodiment", Gallery Elisabeth Michitsch, Vienna
    2005 Malagalerija Crane, Slovenia
    2005 Galerija V Mestni Hiši, Crane, Slovenia
    2005 Galerija Prešernove Hiše, Crane, Slovenia
    2005 Gorenski Muzej, Kranj, Slovenia
    2002 Gallery of Peithner-Lichtenfels, Vienna
    2000 Gallery Hofstätter, Vienna
    1996 Municipal Gallery, Lienz
    1986 Gallery BINZ 39, Zurich
    1986 Atelier 2000, Vienna
    1977 Gallery at the Stubenbastei, Vienna
    1971 Gallery M 59, Graz